That's Double It's a collective of digital artisans who combine different skills into a versatile project solver network.
Through this frame we decompose a problem into simpler parts and pick out the resources required to solve it.
In essence, we're a framework.


What We Do

web & app developing, security & management, digital art, gaming

Our network involves developers, software engineers, system administrators, and digital artists: different types of skills working as freelancers or as one large team. This blend of talents creates a versatile and efficient frame for many kinds of project. Doesn't matter what to do, someone here can do it.

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The main activity of our group concerns development: most of us are web or app developers. Our experiences range from static websites and native apps to modern single-page applications, cross-platform apps and games.

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Keeping matters as much as creating, that's why Double involves specialists such as system administrators, cyber security experts and software consultant: all that is required to make things work at their best.

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Digital Art & Gaming

Running it's not enough, appearance matters. Double welcomes any talented digital artist or game designer that takes part in it to ensure the best results when it comes to user interfaces, graphics and design.

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